Kingston Technology 64GB DataTraveler 100 Generation 3 USB Drive

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  • Product Type : USB flash drive
  • Storage Capacity : 64 GB
  • Enclosure Colour : Black
  • Interface Type : USB 3.0
  • Features : Sliding lid
  • Stylish black-on-black
  • Sliding cap design
  • Ideal USB 3.0 starter storage device
  • Compliant – with USB 3.0 specifications
  • Dual compatibility – USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Backward compatible with USB 2.0

Kingston USB 3.0

Kingston’s USB 3.0 range is an ultra-fast way to transfer photos, music and video files between all kinds of digital devices. The amount of data stored on these devices is rapidly increasing, so apart from being able to easily access data, fast data transfer is just as important in order to make the best of your time.

Kingston USB 3.0
What is USB 3.0?

USB 3.0 is a major revision to the Universal Serial Bus (USB). It offers the same ease-of-use and plug and play capabilities as previous generations of USB technologies, but with up to a 10 times performance increase and better power management.

Why Do You Need That Much Speed?

USB 3.0 helps you save more time and USB 3.0 drive transfers files faster than USB 2.0 drives. Depending on the drive you choose and the type of files you transfer, USB 3.0 can save you a lot of time compared to standard USB 2.0 drives.

Why Do I Need a USB 3.0 Drive When I Use Only USB 2.0 Ports?

Due to the wide availability of USB 2.0 devices, USB 3.0 devices had to be backwards compatible. Even when you use USB 3.0 drives on your USB 2.0 host devices, you’ll save time.

How Fast is USB 3.0?
Kingston USB 3.0

USB 3.0: Look for the blue connector.

The performance increase is achieved through the USB 3.0 technology, which allows multiple streams of data transfer and boosts its peak signaling bandwidth to 5Gbp/s compared to 480Mbp/s on USB 2.0.

Will a USB 3.0 Drive Work on My Device with USB 2.0 Ports?

USB 3.0 devices are compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 ports and connectors, but will only run at the host device performance.

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