Intelligent Pelican Kit

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  • Unique; No other kit like this exists on the market.
  • Lightweight; The whole kit in its bag weighs no more than 990g
  • High Performance; Each product has been developed to answer the most stringent needs.
  • Superb Quality; Each product has been researched, tested thoroughly and meets all EU safety regulations.
  • Great Value for Money; £40 cheaper than if you bought these products individually

The Intelligent Pelican travel kit contains the 6 essential top quality items. In the kit you will find a LED Headlamp with 40m beam; a 4 digit combination lock and integrated 4mm steel cable; an all in one universal adaptor for use in 150 countries with 2 USB outlets; a 100% rip-stop silk sleeping bag liner treated with anti bacterial and mosquito protection; a large lightweight quick-dry travel towel, super absorbent, soft and treated with anti-bacterial agents; .a portable 6 hour external charger for mobiles, MP3, camera and iPad. Each product comes in a black rip-stop silk water resistant bag, there is also a large orange rip-stop silk bag supplied for easy storage.


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