DatAshur Encrypted USB Drive – Ultra Secure – 4GB

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Do you have a need for a completely secure and portable storage device? Whether you are a business that travels with important documents, or wish to store information from prying eyes – now you can have 100% peace of mind with an encrypted DatAshur device.

The DatAshur is a pocket-sized USB memory stick which can safeguard your documents, files, pictures, spreadsheets, suppliers and contacts lists – in fact, absolutely anything from prying eyes!

The DatAshur is incorporated with ultra secure military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and FIPS 140-2 level 3 certification which guarantees unrivalled protection against brute force attacks or sophisticated code-breaking.

Using a unique 7-15 digit PIN lock access which you specify means only you can access the device contents. Input the incorrect PIN code more than an allocated amount of times and the internal encryption key will self-destruct and all data contents erased.

This USB device fits in a highly durable aluminium case that is waterproof and tamper evident. A tamper-proof coating is also applied to the internal drive components.

The device works straight out of the box and requires no technical skill to operate, nor does DatAshur require any special software or drivers and is compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows and embedded systems. This is a highly affordable and extremely secure USB device that can be kept on your person, with guaranteed full encryption which makes it perfect for individuals, businesses, corporate and government use.

As with all our products, the DataShur device is built to work and with the full support of a leading surveillance “bricks and mortar” company.

This is a genuine, blister sealed product with full User Guide and undoubtedly a risk-free way to keep your confidential data completely secure.Encrypted USB flash drive with military grade security

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