YubiKey NEO

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Please note that additional user setup may be required to turn on U2F functionality. For more details, please head to yubi.co/unlockU2F.

The YubiKey NEO works with both U2F and OTP-compatible services such as Gmail (U2F), LastPass (OTP) and Salesforce.com (OTP). In addition, the YubiKey NEO supports NFC communication for access to mobile devices, Yubico SmartCard applets and Mifare Classic. The YubiKey NEO fits nicely on a keychain and can be used with any device that has a USB port.

Special Features
– Emits One Time Passwords (OTP) through both NFC (Near Field Communication) and USB interfaces
– Mifare Classic, for legacy physical access control systems
– Common Criteria certified bank grade authentication ICs
– CCID compliant USB token, including secure element and JavaCard
– First authentication device to comply with FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) requirements

Using Yubico’s personalization tools, the YubiKey NEO can be configured for use with Yubico One-Time Password (OTP), OATH, Challenge-Response, and Static Password. The YubiKey NEO can hold two independent configurations of any supported type.

Default Configuration
Slot 1: Yubico OTP
Slot 2: Blank
Applets: OpenPGP, YubiOATH, PIV, FIDO U2F*

* Currently sold YubiKey NEOs do not support the development or management of JavaCard applets.

Multi-protocol authenticator with support for FIDO U2F, OTP, and more

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