True Utility TU245 KeyRing System

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The KeyShackle is crafted from 316 grade stainless steel and holds up to 5 keys completely flat and in the correct order so they take up less room in your pocket and make it easy to know what each key is for. Simply reach for your keys and you can choose the correct key in the pitch black!

This is quite simply a better way to carry your keys and accessories around with you than the standard round split ring everyone is currently using. Could it be with have re-invented the wheel??The high quality flat faced split ring that is also provided as part of the Combo set, holds both the KeyShackle and 4 x CleverClips.

The CleverClips are also crafted from 316 grade stainless steel and have a strong quick release wire gate, making them ideal for attaching your car keys and any tools or accessories that you may wish to carry. Your tools/keys/accessories, can then be quickly and easily removed for instant use. They can also be used to clip your keys and accessories to either your belt loop or bag – to stop you losing them!

This clever key organiser will revolutionise your key-chain, and secure and organise your valuable keys and pocket tools, whilst helping to reduce the unwanted bulge normally associated with standard old fashioned key-rings.

The perfect way to organise and attach keys and accessories.Simply a better way to organise your keys and accessories

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