Self Heating Field Ration Pack Ready To Eat Meal Menu D

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The new Ration-X field ration is a complete, ready-to-eat, self-contained meal presented in a light-weight, water-proof pack. The pack contains a main meal, a dessert, snacks, powdered drink and an accessory kit. A flameless ration heater is included to self-heat the main meal without the need for a fire or a stove. All the components are pre-cooked and ready to eat, hot or cold. The pack provides over 1500 kcal per meal which is in line with standard military requirements for highly active soldiers.

Contents: Ready to eat main meal – Pasta with Meatballs
Snack – Cereal Bar
Dessert – Apple Pie
Snack – Boiled sweets
Drink – powdered electrolyte
Drink – hot chocolate powder
Flameless Ration Heater – single use
Accessory kit: instant coffee, tea bag, 2 x sugar, whitener, bio-degradable spoon, wet wipe. Long life – We guarantee at least 12 months shelf-life on all components from the date of sale.Complete self-heating ready-to-eat ration meal

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