Pack of 6 Army Day Ration Packs Menus: 7-12

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Army All Day Ration Pack – Menus 7 thru 12

Each ration is to cover vigorous activity for 8 hours. However, it contains approximately 3000 calories, which is more than sufficient for a 24 Hour period in a normal situation. All products are ready to eat and can be eaten hot or cold.

All the meals are fully cooked and ready to eat. The main meals are packed in pouches that can be heated by immersing them in hot liquid (boil in the bag) or the contents can be poured into mess tins for heating. It is also possible to heat these meal pouches using a flameless ration heater (not included).

Menu 10 is Vegetarian, Menus 11 & 12 are HalalSix complete army day ration packs menus 7 through 12

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