Celox Sachet – 35g

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CELOXTM (pronounced Cell Locks) is haemostatic agent that controls severe bleeding fast.

Does not generate heat.Works independently of normal blood clotting factors.Simple and safe to use.Not Exothermic; will not burn the victim or caregiver.Works in hypothermic conditions and clots Heparinised blood.Safe for use on the entire body including, head, neck and chest wounds.

CELOXTM combines with red blood cells and platelets to form a gel-like clot that can be used to treat patients suffering from clotting disorders, or those with mild or severe injuries.

CELOXTM can be used as a fast, safe and simple emergency treatment for serious bleeding by first aid trained personnel.

CELOXTM is suitable for the military, first responders, hospitals, industrial first aid, emergency services, wilderness medicine, adventure pursuits, professional and amateur sports and of course, as a must-have for your home or car first aid kit.

Celox can stop even potentially lethal bleeding fast

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