Care Plus Sterile First Aid Kit

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This is a set of sterile medical materials, bandages and first aid materials. The set is an im­portant part of your first aid kit and is specifically designed for people travelling to areas where hygiene and medical care may be limited and where an increased risk of AIDS and hepatitis B infections exists. Sterile material is often not available. In the event of emergencies, you can give the medical material to the local, qualified staff. This set includes a doctor’s certificate for the syringes and needles that you can show at the local border con­trol if necessary. Besides syringes and needles, the set also includes a drip needle, suture and a needle and scalpel. This first aid kit is suitable for road and camping trips. The innovative hard case can easily be stored away in your luggage and provides sufficient space to add your own first aid items.Sterile medical disposables for travellers to remote areasContains needles, syringes, suture kit,blood lancets, certificate for customs

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