Tyvek Mighty Wallet Review

I have a couple of wallets. One is the classic black leather Mont Blanc wallet and the other is a red Armani bought as a gift from a client. I also have travel wallets and money clips.

Wanting a change I decided to go for something low key…enter Tyvek Mighty Wallet!

Tyvek Mighty Wallet for everyday carry

Using one sheet of thin, strong light weight material, its folded into a wallet that has two cash compartments and four card compartments, two inside and two outside for business cards. The maker states these wallets are supposed to also look better with age and are resistant to tears, stains and water so I imagine I will be updating this review at some point!

The Tyvek Mighty Wallets come in a variety of designs and I chose mine to look like the safety sheet from an aircraft.

So when it arrived it honestly looked like a piece of paper that been folded up! It the most un-wallet looking wallet I have ever seen! It was sealed inside some plastic wrap and had a the makers information attached with instructions on how to open the packet – which was probably more complicated than it needed to be!

EDC Tyvek Mighty Wallet

It feels a little smooth to the touch. Its hard to explain but its smoother than paper but not as smooth as laminated paper!?

After swapping everything from my current wallet to the Tyvek, it was a fatter than I would have liked. It wasn’t fatter than my other wallet, but because the Tyvek was as flat as folded paper when it came out of the packet, I really fancied have a thinner wallet!

Everyday Carry Tyvek Mighty Wallet

In the outer pockets I put my business cards in one and my Card Sharp Knife in the other. Because these pockets are ‘loose’, the card sharp knife slipped out easily so that had to be moved to an inside pocket. Also, the outer pockets are really just one big pocket that goes through the middle of the wallet – remember that its made from one folded sheet of Tyvek!

Tyvek EDC Mighty Wallet

I decided to get my card count down and really wanted to get rid of the loyalty cards I had built up. I found a great app on the Google PLAY store called Keyring that lets you take pictures of bar codes and membership numbers and store the details on your phone for use in the shops! This cut about 6 cards from the wallet!

Inside I have my bank cards and ID cards that are held in securely and won’t fall out when you open the wallet. They are however all on top of each other, which I would guess if you have more than three bank cards you use regularly, could become an issue having to always sort through them.

Taking cards in and out, I have noticed that the end of the card does sometimes catch on the pocket when you are putting it back in (where the VISA logo is in the picture below)

EDC Mighty Wallet Tyvek

On the cash front it has two pockets that easily take £10 & £20 notes without them sticking out of the top of the wallet. With this in mind, it should easily be able to hold many different currencies.

So is the Tyvek Mighty Wallet a good replacement for your traditional wallet? Well with all my cards and a small amount of cash the Tyvek Might Wallet is a much smaller footprint than your traditional leather wallets. Its a good inbetween wallet if you want something more than the micro front pocket wallets, but something less than your usual wallet. Only time will tell how well it wears on a day-to-day basis. So far I like it and will be using it as my main wallet … At least until I have to put more things in it!

On a side note, shipping from the U.S. took an impressive two days, arriving way before the estimated delivery date!

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I’ve been using the Tyvek Mighty Wallet for 3 months now, and I’m happy to say it hasn’t let me down!

The weak point in the middle at the bottom where the wallet folds is still in one piece. There are no rips and I think it does look a little better now that its worn in.

In the time I have been using it, it has slipped out of my hand a couple of times as it is very smooth, but really that my only complaint.

If you want something a bit different or something that’s more low-key than the more traditional wallets, then this is a pretty good (and cheap!) option.

Tyvek Mighty Wallet

Tyvek Mighty Wallet Review

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