CREE Q5 3W Led 350 Lumens Torch

I have many different items for different scenarios…torches are no exceptions!

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One of my favorite torches for EDC is the Nitecore Extreme Infinity (second from bottom). Its small, VERY bright, adjustable and it has a strobe. So when I was on amazon and saw a torch that looked similar and was £1.74 I had to have a look!

Enter the CREE Q5

This is an aluminum bodied, adjustable focus LED torch with a belt clip.

Cree EDC Torch

Lets cut to the chase and quickly mention the main thing you’re all thinking…it was £1.74…it must be rubbish!

Well that’s what I was expecting! How good could it possibly be for less than £2 including shipping? Well the answer is it’s very good! The Cree Q5 torch is very good value for money and a real Amazon bargain!

So to the operation…

It’s a push-button switch in the base of the torch. It has three modes (high, low, strobe) and each time you press the switch it changes mode, which isn’t ideal. There is also no momentary on so you have to fully depress the switch to turn it on.

To adjust the beam focus (wide angle or focused) you slide the bezel back a forward. The above image shows it in its extended position. When the torch is on I have noticed that you can see and image in the chip in the center of the beam. I’m not sure if this is a fault or if all Crees will show this.

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It takes one standard AA battery so its cheaper to run than lights that take the CR123 lithium batteries. The battery compartment is accessed by unscrewing the bezel. I haven’t used this Cree much so can’t comment on battery life yet but if you are interested I just use a standard Energizer battery.

The output is stated as 350 lumens. I don’t have a way to measure this but it is bright and definitely bright enough for what I will use it for.

The Cree Q5′s size means that it will easily fit in a bag, glove box, EDC pouch, jacket pocket or bed-side table.

edc everyday carry torch

The bezel has a ‘defence’ edge to it which is nice. The company also mentions that the Cree is waterproof but I haven’t tested that. I don’t really have that requirement for my torches to be submersed but I think that it would probably be ok if you used this light in heavy rain.

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EDC everyday carry torches

The Cree Q5 makes a great addition to your kit! While this torch won’t replace the more expensive Nitecore I use, for the cost it can’t be faulted and my Cree Q5 is now part of the kit I have in my car.

This torch ships from abroad and took a good few weeks to arrive so make sure you do what I didn’t do and order more than one!

For price, shipping cost and build quality I have to give the Cree Q5 full marks and 5 stars!

Check out this great little EDC torch here!

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