Zippo Windproof Lighter - Ace Filigree, Black Ice - 28323

This Black Ice windproof lighter provides a intricate design of the Ace of Spades. Comes packaged in an environmentally friendly gift box. For optimum performance, fill with Zippo premium lighter...

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Honest Luxury MultiTool Dual JetFlame Cigar Lighter

Slim design, easy to carry Made from high quality metal With Box and Pouch Bag, great as a Gift Easy to refill with ordinary butane fuel Adjustable...

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True Utility TU262 FireStash

Water and fire are two words that have never gone together. The True Utility FireStash changes everything. If you get a standard lighter wet and you need to use it right then, you've lost your fire. If its rained all night and your matches have been...

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Windproof TurboFlame Lighter

Turboflame Military Lighter The new Military, like our previous model Turboflame ΠOriginal, is essential for any outdoor enthusiastӳ survival kit, but now with a new soft rubber coating is easy to grip and is offered in military colours. Its...

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Ust - Windmill Trekker Stormproof Lighter, Blaze Orange

Trekker Stormproof LighterThe Trekker has all the features of our other stormproof lighters, PLUS: Extra large fuel tank Over 1,000 ignitions on a single fill Easy grip rubberized case Includes wrist lanyard Fuel capacity of 4 grams...

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Original Zippo Lighter 24096 Replica 1941 Black Ice

Zippo 1941 Replica Black Ice Lighter A Replica theme Zippo Lighter with 1941 Replica Black Ice finish and design. This model has the following design elements- Replica and Vintage Standard Size case Black Ice in colour. This Zippo features a...

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