Bodybuilding Warehouse Flapjacks X 24 Bars Chocolate Pecan

Bodybuilding Warehouse Premium Protein Flapjacks are the ultimate athletes snack bar. They taste fantastic in both Honey Berry, and Chocolate Pecan flavour - these are bars that you'll LOVE to eat, and enjoy, every time you take a bite! What's more,...

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Pulsin 50g Protein Sport Bar Case - Pack of 18

Power your workouts - Fuel your day. Pulsin's Maple Whey Protein Bars are packed full of natural protein power and have been carefully designed to give you optimum nutrition and sustained energy release.The sports recovery snack with 100% natural...

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Powerbar Ride Bar Peanut Caramel Bars - Pack of 18 Bars

The PowerBar Ride Bar is a great all rounder it's the perfect bar before you ride anywhere. Tasting every bit as good as your favourite chocolate bar, but without the high fat content, Ride provides long lasting energy through a combination of...

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PhD Chocolate Cookie Flavoured 50g Diet Whey Protein Bar 12 Bars

Available in an easy to use and convenient 50 g...

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CNP ProProtein Flapjack Chocolate Orange - Box of 24

CNP Pro Flapjack Choc Orange Bar 75gHigh protein oat bar. 18gms of high quality...

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PhD Protein Flapjack Berry Flavoured 75g Nutrition Bar 24 Bars

About Flapjack+ : 24 x 75g+ 19 Grams of protein per flapjack.+ Low GI carbs, great source of fibre. + Low in Saturated fat.+ Great source of st19 grams of Protein per...

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Freeze Dried Trek n Eat Vanilla Rice Pudding 1 Person Food Ration

High quality, freeze dried Vanilla Rice Pudding that can be prepared with water. Perfect for travelling, backpacking, expeditions, Mountain Marathons like The OMM and family outings. Simple to prepare, just add water, stir, leave to soak for 8-10...

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Trek´n Eat 7 Tage Notration nutrition 2014 camp food

• Additional Information:  - Easy to transport  - Easy to cleanFood• Type: food & ingredients• Category: whole foods• Preparation: prepare with hot water• Shelf: 60...

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