It’s been a while since my last post…but in that time I have bought a lot of new kit!

I have a new favorite company – First Tactical. They are relatively new but the quality is first class and their prices are sensible. I bought the Tactix 1-day Plus Backpack so I’ll do a review on that in the future.

There’s also quite a few smaller bits now added to the kit so looks like I might be busy catching up on reviews!

Latest EDC

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It’s been a relatively quiet few months on the EDC kit front, but I have picked up a few things.

Everyday carry kit


Go Travel Leather RFID Secure Wallet

So moving on from my Tyvek Mighty Wallet (see review here) I have picked up an RFID Blocking Wallet.

This is a more traditional wallet made from leather with 8 credit card slots and 2 note compartments. Its main feature is that the cover has RFID signal blocking technology built in so that your contactless payment cards can’t be maliciously scanned. I’m yet to test this so it will be interesting to see if it works.

Cost: £14.79
Delivery cost: Free UK shipping
Delivery time: 3 days


20L Water Resistant Waterproof Dry Bag

This was a bargain so I had to buy it. I’ll use it in another bag so that I can be sure I’ll have dry kit. From inspecting the bag it looks like it will do a good enough job. A bit of the stitching on the inside top edge is a bit loose but apart from that its all looks ok. I wouldn’t use this bag for any serious water-borne activity, but for everyday use it should be perfect.

Cost: £3.85
Delivery cost: Free UK shipping
Delivery time: 2 days


Gonex Ultralight Packable Foldable Backpack Daypack

This is an excellent EDC addition. I have looked at many packable day sacks until I found this gem. This bag folds up into its own built in pack which is small enough to easily fit into any of my other bags. It has two bottle compartments on the outside, and one large inner compartment. It has adjustable straps and good zips. It easily fits a 15″ laptop, not that I would carry it in this bag.

This 20L bag was bought so I can break down my other kit and throw it in the car. Would also make a good undercover bag.

Gonex Ultralight Daysack

Cost: £16.99
Delivery cost: Free UK shipping
Delivery time: 4 days


RAVPower® Element Portable External Battery Charger / Power Bank

This battery bank (10400mAh) can charge two devices at the same time, multiple times. Comes with 2 micro USB leads of different lengths, travel pouch and a couple of other adapters. You charge it using any micro USB charger and from the one charge I have done from about 50%, it took about 3 hours to charge.

RAVpower battery

Cost: £17.99
Delivery charge: Free UK delivery
Delivery time: 3 days

Tyvek Mighty Wallet for everyday carry

I have a couple of wallets. One is the classic black leather Mont Blanc wallet and the other is a red Armani bought as a gift from a client. I also have travel wallets and money clips.

Wanting a change I decided to go for something low key…enter Tyvek Mighty Wallet!

Tyvek Mighty Wallet for everyday carry

Using one sheet of thin, strong light weight material, its folded into a wallet that has two cash compartments and four card compartments, two inside and two outside for business cards. The maker states these wallets are supposed to also look better with age and are resistant to tears, stains and water so I imagine I will be updating this review at some point!

The Tyvek Mighty Wallets come in a variety of designs and I chose mine to look like the safety sheet from an aircraft.

So when it arrived it honestly looked like a piece of paper that been folded up! It the most un-wallet looking wallet I have ever seen! It was sealed inside some plastic wrap and had a the makers information attached with instructions on how to open the packet – which was probably more complicated than it needed to be!

EDC Tyvek Mighty Wallet

It feels a little smooth to the touch. Its hard to explain but its smoother than paper but not as smooth as laminated paper!?

After swapping everything from my current wallet to the Tyvek, it was a fatter than I would have liked. It wasn’t fatter than my other wallet, but because the Tyvek was as flat as folded paper when it came out of the packet, I really fancied have a thinner wallet!

Everyday Carry Tyvek Mighty Wallet

In the outer pockets I put my business cards in one and my Card Sharp Knife in the other. Because these pockets are ‘loose’, the card sharp knife slipped out easily so that had to be moved to an inside pocket. Also, the outer pockets are really just one big pocket that goes through the middle of the wallet – remember that its made from one folded sheet of Tyvek!

Tyvek EDC Mighty Wallet

I decided to get my card count down and really wanted to get rid of the loyalty cards I had built up. I found a great app on the Google PLAY store called Keyring that lets you take pictures of bar codes and membership numbers and store the details on your phone for use in the shops! This cut about 6 cards from the wallet!

Inside I have my bank cards and ID cards that are held in securely and won’t fall out when you open the wallet. They are however all on top of each other, which I would guess if you have more than three bank cards you use regularly, could become an issue having to always sort through them.

Taking cards in and out, I have noticed that the end of the card does sometimes catch on the pocket when you are putting it back in (where the VISA logo is in the picture below)

EDC Mighty Wallet Tyvek

On the cash front it has two pockets that easily take £10 & £20 notes without them sticking out of the top of the wallet. With this in mind, it should easily be able to hold many different currencies.

So is the Tyvek Mighty Wallet a good replacement for your traditional wallet? Well with all my cards and a small amount of cash the Tyvek Might Wallet is a much smaller footprint than your traditional leather wallets. Its a good inbetween wallet if you want something more than the micro front pocket wallets, but something less than your usual wallet. Only time will tell how well it wears on a day-to-day basis. So far I like it and will be using it as my main wallet … At least until I have to put more things in it!

On a side note, shipping from the U.S. took an impressive two days, arriving way before the estimated delivery date!

Click for more information on the Tyvek Mighty Wallet



I’ve been using the Tyvek Mighty Wallet for 3 months now, and I’m happy to say it hasn’t let me down!

The weak point in the middle at the bottom where the wallet folds is still in one piece. There are no rips and I think it does look a little better now that its worn in.

In the time I have been using it, it has slipped out of my hand a couple of times as it is very smooth, but really that my only complaint.

If you want something a bit different or something that’s more low-key than the more traditional wallets, then this is a pretty good (and cheap!) option.

Tyvek Mighty Wallet

Tyvek Mighty Wallet Review

I haven’t actually bought that much EDC kit recently…which is unlike me!

A few of the things I have picked up are:

Maxpedition Fatty EDC Pouch in Black

Maxpedition Rite-in-Rain Notepad

Cree Q5 Flash Light (see my review HERE)

20 Stainless Steel Loop Keyrings


The Maxpedition Fatty EDC Pouch is excellent! Build quality is the usual maxpedition high standard and I have now got my main kit together so I can now easily drop this pouch into any bag I’m taking away.

The Cree Q5 flashlight is a great bit of kit for under £2! I showed this to a friend of mine (who didn’t believe it would be any good!) and he has now ordered a couple of them…and another couple for me as well!

The Stainless Steel Loop keyrings are good value for under £2 for 20! There are no sharp pointy bits and they screw together easily. The only downside was that two of them didn’t have the screw ends so couldn’t be used. They also came from china so took a few weeks to get here.

Haven’t used the Rite-in-Rain notebook yet but have it in the Fatty pouch as a spare.


Cree EDC Torch

I have many different items for different scenarios…torches are no exceptions!

edc torches

One of my favorite torches for EDC is the Nitecore Extreme Infinity (second from bottom). Its small, VERY bright, adjustable and it has a strobe. So when I was on amazon and saw a torch that looked similar and was £1.74 I had to have a look!

Enter the CREE Q5

This is an aluminum bodied, adjustable focus LED torch with a belt clip.

Cree EDC Torch

Lets cut to the chase and quickly mention the main thing you’re all thinking…it was £1.74…it must be rubbish!

Well that’s what I was expecting! How good could it possibly be for less than £2 including shipping? Well the answer is it’s very good! The Cree Q5 torch is very good value for money and a real Amazon bargain!

So to the operation…

It’s a push-button switch in the base of the torch. It has three modes (high, low, strobe) and each time you press the switch it changes mode, which isn’t ideal. There is also no momentary on so you have to fully depress the switch to turn it on.

To adjust the beam focus (wide angle or focused) you slide the bezel back a forward. The above image shows it in its extended position. When the torch is on I have noticed that you can see and image in the chip in the center of the beam. I’m not sure if this is a fault or if all Crees will show this.

EDC torches

It takes one standard AA battery so its cheaper to run than lights that take the CR123 lithium batteries. The battery compartment is accessed by unscrewing the bezel. I haven’t used this Cree much so can’t comment on battery life yet but if you are interested I just use a standard Energizer battery.

The output is stated as 350 lumens. I don’t have a way to measure this but it is bright and definitely bright enough for what I will use it for.

The Cree Q5′s size means that it will easily fit in a bag, glove box, EDC pouch, jacket pocket or bed-side table.

edc everyday carry torch

The bezel has a ‘defence’ edge to it which is nice. The company also mentions that the Cree is waterproof but I haven’t tested that. I don’t really have that requirement for my torches to be submersed but I think that it would probably be ok if you used this light in heavy rain.

everyday carry edc torches

EDC everyday carry torches

The Cree Q5 makes a great addition to your kit! While this torch won’t replace the more expensive Nitecore I use, for the cost it can’t be faulted and my Cree Q5 is now part of the kit I have in my car.

This torch ships from abroad and took a good few weeks to arrive so make sure you do what I didn’t do and order more than one!

For price, shipping cost and build quality I have to give the Cree Q5 full marks and 5 stars!

Check out this great little EDC torch here!

Gerber Shard EDC

Here’s a quick run-down of everyday carry items I’ve recently picked up.


Nite Ize S-Biner Ahhh Durable Carabiner and Bottle Opener

S-Biner for everyday carry keyring

Cost: £3.95 plus delivery. Bought as package with Gerber Shard £11.24
Delivery Cost: FREE
Delivery Time: Ordered Friday > Delivered Tuesday


Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

Gerber Shard EDC

Cost: £7.29 plus delivery. Bought as package with S-Biner £11.24
Delivery Cost: Free
Delivery Time: Ordered Friday > Delivered Sunday


Protec general purpose belt pouch with twin pen holder

Everyday carry protec pouch

Cost: £5.99
Delivery Cost: £2.99
Delivery Time: Ordered Friday > Delivered Thursday


57 Piece FIRST AID KIT – Home, Travel, Vehicle – CE Marked

everyday carry edc first aid kit review 3

Cost: £1.95
Delivery Cost: £2.00
Delivery Time: Ordered Friday > Delivered Thursday

Check out the review of this First Aid Kit HERE


2 Pack Emergency Blanket Set

everyday carry emergency blanket set

Cost: £1.39
Delivery Cost: FREE
Delivery Time: Ordered Friday > Delivered Thursday

everyday carry edc first aid kit review

I have many first aid kits! First aid kits in the car, travel first aid kit, work first aid kit, sterile needle kits…the list goes on. But I decided I needed a new very basic first aid kit that I could carry discreetly under my suit for work.

Not wanting to take items from my other kits, I started looking at buying items separately but this was going to work out more expensive than I would have liked. It was then that I found the 57 Piece First Aid Kit on Amazon! What was astounding is the price…£1.95 plus delivery of £2. I also purchased the ‘Frequently bought together’ item of two emergency blankets for an extra £1.39.

Included in the first aid kit is:

  • 1 x Triangular Bandage
  • 1 x Vinyl Gloves
  • 1 x Small Flow Wrap Dressing
  • 2 x Low Adherent Dressings
  • 4 x Sterile wound cleansing wipes (Alcohol Free)
  • 1 x Travel Pouch
  • 20 x Clear Plasters
  • 1 x Microporus Tape
  • 6 x Safety Pins
  • 20 x Childrens Plasters,Ultimate Durable High Quality Kit, perfect for Home, Travel, work or any emergency

everyday carry edc first aid kit review 3

When the items are in the pouch there is still plenty of room to add your own bits should you wish. As it takes up little room it would make a great buy for children going away, festivals, cars, take away on day trips, its really very versatile. I’ll be using bits of this kit to create my new simple EDC first aid kit.

everyday carry edc first aid kit review 2

There’s nothing complicated about this first aid kit and all the items can be used with little or no instruction. Items are CE marked meaning they conform to EU standards.

This kit is excellent value for money. For under £4 including delivery, you get a basic first aid kit in a nice waterproof zip-lock pouch.

Ordered on a Friday night, delivered on the following Thursday.


Everyday Carry is EDC Hatch Operator Gloves review 4

Here we have the Hatch Operator ‘Hard Knuckle’ glove.

Available in different colours and materials, this review is based around my personal pair which are the aniline goatskin material.

So these gloves offer the following spec:

  • Wrist length with hook and loop closure for a secure fit
  • Polyknit Inner liner keeps hands comfortable
  • Durable aniline goatskin with  a water resistant leather treatment to keeps hands dry
  • High-density foam for full finger protection; exclusive lateral finger protection
  • Leather Laminated PVC hard knuckle provides protection and buffers noise
  • Contains 100% Kevlar providing slash and fire resistance
  • Enlarged protection area in the heel of the palm
  • Wicking properties pull the moisture away from the hands to keep them cool in hot environments
  • Patented Cut-Ring allows optional removal of the index finger for trigger control without unraveling the remaining edge
  • Reduces IR signature

But what does that mean in real life? Well it means they are a nice pair of gloves, but lets break that down.

I chose these as they were the most discreet ‘hard knuckle’ gloves I could find at the time. Out of the pack they look great. Nice and smooth, well stitched with no blemishes as you would expected when you buy something new.

When you inspect them more closely you might notice that as a pair of gloves, they do not quite ‘mirror’ one another like you would probably expect. On mine, when you compare the thumbs they are slightly different shapes, as is the curve from the thumb to the index finger. I would guess that this is down to the way the leather tips and grips were sown on. To me this was minor and they felt fine when worn.

Everyday Carry is EDC Hatch Operator Gloves review 2

Thumb tips different shapes

I wanted these gloves to be a ‘snug’ fit and they are certainly that. Held in place with a velcro tab that you pull across to fasten, these gloves don’t move once they are on, even though they literally only cover my hands.

As a glove that is designed for hand protection, the palms of the glove are made up of leather and kevlar which is proclaimed to protect from fire and  slashes.

Everyday Carry is EDC Hatch Operator Gloves review 1

I used these gloves every day for a couple of months. They don’t take up much space so you roll them up and keep them in a jacket pocket. When i was wearing them I would have my hands in and out of pockets, rubbing against velcro tabs on jackets. What has happened is that the top material part of the glove has now gone a little fury. I think this is just the way these gloves will wear regardless and in my opinion they look better showing signs of wear.

These gloves were designed for operators in hostile environments, hence the addition of the index finger tip cut-away. What Hatch have done is to include a leather ring around the index finger, so if you do want to cut it off you will not get any fraying.

Everyday carry is EDC Hatch Operator Gloves review 6

The feeling and feedback you get when wearing the Hatch Operator Gloves is pretty good. I can use my leatherman buy only to open the blades that have one-handed opening feature and can break them into pliers. You can’t do anything fiddly with them as the finger tips don’t have and edges so you couldn’t open a Swiss army knife.

Making a fist, the hard knuckles sit nicely and don’t feel uncomfortable. There is enough give in the material that you can make a fist without the glove slipping down the hand.

Everyday Carry is EDC Hatch Operator Gloves review 3

The Hatch Operator Gloves are ideal for warmer environments or wearing for specific short tasks as they offer no warmth at all.

Everyday Carry is EDC Hatch Operator Gloves review 5


The Hatch Operator Gloves should not be confused with the cheaper ‘airsoft’ imports. For me, these gloves are a positive addition to my kit and they remain in one of my grab bags. I’m sure you pay a premium for the brand, but while more expensive then some of the other makes, they are made to be used in tough environments so its a bit of kit you can rely on.