Microfibre Towel Grey X-Large 180cm x 90cm

The Little Bodhi brings you a truly versatile towel, great for travelling, at the gym, for yoga or pilates, on the beach, camping and trekking or even to use at home! Designed in Australia for high demand users who want quick-drying convenience and...

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter - 1 Pack

LifeStraw Personal is a super lightweight, portable, water filter weighing only 56 grams and filtering 1,000 litres of water. LifeStraw was invented by Swiss-based company Vestergaard in 2005 and has since been deployed in most of the major...

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eGEAR Marine Survival Kit 100 Marine Survival Kit 100Expect the unexpected and carry an eGear Survival Essentials Kit on every adventure. Our kits are designed with practical no-nonsense essentials to keep you safe and get you found. Features:...

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evaQ8 Earthquake & Natural Disaster Survival Kit

The contents of this kit can be used to aid survival in the aftermath of an earthquake or other natural disaster. The survival kit list is made up of five separate modules; Food & Food Preparation, Tools & Personal Protection, Shelter & Warmth,...

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EVAQ8 Emergency Survival Kit Deluxe 2-Person 72-Hour Disaster Grab Bag

This complete kit contains food and water, lighting and tools, shelter, first aid and hygiene supplies. The contents were selected to support two adults for 72 hours. As always with our kits, we only use products that we have tested and would be...

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evaQ8 Emergency Go Bag 72 Hour Survival Kit Complete

The evaQ8 Go-Bag contains emergency items that are packed in an easy-to-carry day pack in case it should become necessary to evacuate immediately. This kit is designed to be grabbed at a moments notice. Can be kept at home, in your office or in your...

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