Panasonic HX-A100E-K Full HD Stylish Wearable Camcorder Action Camera with Wi-Fi – Black

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Panasonic HX-A100 Wearable Camcorder–Wi-Fi Enabled with with an Innovative Design for Real-Life Shooting and Sharing

The compact, lightweight design of the HX-A100 makes it more comfortable to wear. By setting the camera part on the included Earhook, the users can enjoy hands-free shooting without a helmet. A Multi-Mount option is also available for mounting the camera part to a helmet or backpack.

Built-in Wi-Fi function lets the users broadcast live video with simultaneous Full-HD recording. Recording can be turned ON/OFF with a smartphone or tablet while watching in live view. It also makes it easy to upload recorded images to SNS using a smartphone or tablet.

Panasonic HX-A100

A wearable camera that opens up new possibilities.
Stylish Wearable Design

The A100 is designed as the perfect hands-free camera for capturing a variety of shooting scenes. Perfect for families where you want to record from a different perspective and for adventurous outdoor pursuits the A100 lends itself to fit any requirement. The lightweight camera section incorporates a bright F2.5 lens and mono microphone and can be worn on the supplied head band. The Recorder section houses the controls and Wi-Fi transmitter and is worn on the supplied arm band. All in all, a stylish device that opens up new possibilities for the video or sport enthusiast.

Panasonic HX-A100

Expand the mounting options with the optional multi-mount.
Optional Multi-mount for Helmet or Backpack

An optional multi mount is available for the more adventurous, enabling the camera to be fixed to a helmet or rucksack.

Panasonic HX-A100

Built-in Wi-Fi enables convenient wireless operation.
Built-in Wi-Fi Enabled Features

Built-in Wi-Fi functionality enables convenient wireless operation such as remote monitoring and control from smartphone. Remote sharing of video or still images to social networking sites and even live streaming of captured video through USTREAM. Just download and install the free “Panasonic Image App” which is available for Android & OIS devices and enjoy amazing new functionality in a video camera.

Panasonic HX-A100

Broadcast your recordings with USTREAM.
Live Stream HD Recordings using USTREAM App

This wearable camera is compatible with USTREAM Live Streaming, which means that during recording in HD you can wirelessly stream the video content to USTREAM. Any one that has access to the USTREAM App on their Smart TV, Computer or Smartphone can then watch your live broadcast. This is great to share exciting activities with friends and family on their compatible device.

Panasonic HX-A100

Control remotely from Smartphone or Tablet device.
Remote Monitoring & Shooting Control with Smartphone

Using the Wi-Fi control app that can be installed on a smartphone or tablet, the picture and sound from the camera can be monitored externally and controlled remotely. The live image can be viewed on the portable smart device and video record or still picture shutter can be activated.

Panasonic HX-A100

Low light shooting is now an option.
Low Light Shooting with Minimal Picture Noise

A combination of the bright F2.5 lens, Back Side Illuminated CMOS sensor and advanced image processing LSI delivers excellent low light recording with picture noise reduced to a minimum. So using the camera in situations where a regular camcorder would struggle is now an option.

Panasonic HX-A100

The camera compensates if you are not shooting level.
Level Shot Auto Correction Function

A very useful feature is the “Level Shot” correction function. If you inadvertently shoot a video when the camera is not level, the unit will detect the tilt and an internal correction is made to the image that means the recording is made level.

Panasonic HX-A100

Suppresses blurring in active shooting situations.
Image Stabilisation for Active Use

The image sensor contains many more pixels than are necessary for full HD video images. This means that clever manipulation of the video image area can reduce the blurring that happens when the camera is shaken during shooting. The result is sharper images even when the camera is on the move.

Panasonic HX-A100

Shoot amazing slow-motion sequences in HD.
High-speed Video Recording Mode for Super Slo-motion

HD video recording (1280×720) is available at 120 frames per second. This means when played back at normal speed (30fps) the action becomes 4x slower, which is very useful for creative slow-motion effects. At a lower resolution, 8x slower playback speed can be used which would be great for analysing a golf swing, for instance.

Panasonic HX-A100

Extended recording time with built-in large capacity battery.
Long-time Recording

Despite its compact size, this camera is fitted with a rechargeable battery that offers 140 minutes* of recording time. That means over 2 hours of fun before you have to think about recharging. * When recording in Full-HD with Wi-Fi turned off.

Compact, Lightweight, Easy to Operate and Waterproof

The camera section weighs only 30 Grammes and can be comfortably worn on the adjustable ear hook head band. The main unit features simple controls enabling operation while it is worn on the arm. Both camera and control unit are waterproof to a depth of 1.5m/5ft so rain showers, snow or even a dip in the river should not stop you capturing those exciting shots.

MP4 Full HD Video Recording Mode for High Compatibility

High Definition video including 1920×1080 can be shot at 30 Progressive frames per second. MP4 (H.264) format is compatible with many video editing software packages, but is also compatible with iTunes for playback on Smartphone or tablet devices.

USB Charging Function

A USB AC adaptor is included in the box. This convenient accessory enables you to charge the battery inside the camera from any mains power outlet. It is compact and easy to carry around with you giving you a wide number of options to charge up the battery. Alternatively, you can use the supplied USB cable to charge the camera from a USB port on a computer, for example.

Micro SD & Micro SDHC Card Recording

The ultra slim recording unit utilises ultra-compact memory card recording to either Micro SD or Micro SDHC cards. This means that despite their compact size, recording capacities of up to 32GB is available.

Box Contains

HD Writer WE1.0
Armband Case
Extended Band
Adjuster Large
Rechargeable Battery Pack
USB Cable

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